Quadruplet Girls Pass University Entry Exams in Western Peloponnese

Seeing four 18-year-old girls, spitting images of one another, succeeding in the yearly university entry exams in different institutions is not something common, to say the least.

The… quatrefecta, so to speak, was celebrated in their native Pyrgos, in the western Peloponnese.

Quadruplets Nikolia, Emily, Christina and Marianna Karyanou passed their respective university entry exams in four separate schools, in Athens and Piraeus.

Emily won entry to the Sociology school of the Athens University, Marianna to the Navy school, Christina to Computer Science and Nikolia to the European and International studies department of Piraeus University.

They were, naturally, ecstatic and so were their parents in Pyrgos, in the Ilia prefecture of Peloponnese.

In a joint statement they said that the previous year was tough, full of studying and anxiety, and in the end they persevered through their best efforts and the support of their parents.

“We are happy with out respective results and we can’t wait for our student lives to commence,” the four sisters added.


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