Ferry Runs Aground in Ios Island Port, All Passengers Safe

Ferry Blue Star Patmos ran aground in early Wednesday morning while entering Ios island in the Aegean Sea, with 205 passengers on board.

The vessel suffered hull breach with ensuing water ingress, which said to be small and under control. Passengers were transferred to Ios by shuttle vessel, all reported to be safe.

As of 8 am local time, Ferry Blue Star Patmos was still aground, with underwater survey to be carried out during daylight, prior to re-floating.

The passengers and 44 crew members have been transported to safety on Ios, in the high-speed catamaran SuperJet and the tourist boat Vassilios.

The ferry started taking on water on the starboard side after the impact but this has now stopped, the ferry company reported. A tug boat has been sent for to help pull the ship free, after the divers complete their inspection.

The ferry was on a route from Piraeus to the islands of Syros, Paros, Naxos, Ios, Thira and Anafi. In addition to the passengers, there were 21 cars and 12 trucks on board.

None of the passengers were injured during the impact and no marine pollution has been detected. The ferry company will make arrangements to get passengers to their respective destinations.


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