Poll: New Democracy 7 Points Ahead of Syriza on Voter Intention

New Democracy leads the popularity race over SYRIZA in voter intention by seven percentage points, according to a new opinion poll conducted by Alco.

The poll was conducted on a research sample of 1,000 people, between September 4 and 6 on behalf of newsit.gr website.

Specifically, New Democracy is favored by 22.6% of potential voters against 15.6% of SYRIZA. Neo-nazi Golden Dawn is third party with 6.1%, followed by the Greek Communist Party (KKE) 5.9%.

The Democratic Coalition (PASOK-DIMAR) gathered 5.3%, Independent Greeks (ANEL) got  2%, the Centrists Union 2%, Popular Unity 1.9%, To Potami 1%, Plefsi Eleftherias 1%. Parties below three percentage points do not make it in parliament.

However, 19.7% (almost one in five) said they are undecided, 4.4% said they would vote for another party, 3.6% would cast a blank vote and 8.8% said they would abstain from voting.

To the question of whether it is good for the country to hold elections now, the citizens responded: Yes 30%, No 60%, I do not know / will not answer 10%.


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