290,000 Euros Allocated for Sport Facilities in Karditsa

Chrysoula Katsavria-Sioropoulou

The Greek Ministry of Culture and Sport announced a package totaling 290,000 euros for the upgrade of sport facilities in the Karditsa prefecture of Thessaly in central Greece.

The package will be spent for the upgrading of the pitch of the municipal stadium of Karditsa and Sofades, as well as the improvement of the Palamas municipal stadium.

SYRIZA MP for Karditsa, Chrysoula Katsavria-Sioropoulou, hailed the financial package saying that it “demonstrates the political will of the SYRIZA and the government to resolutely support amateur sport in our country”.

The 290,000 euros allocated from the Public Investment Program, is a “significant amount given the constraints of the economy.

It is little, however, considering to the real needs for sport in Karditsa, with its many sports clubs”, said Katsavria-Sioropoulou.


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