The Angry Outburst of the Engineer that Lighted the Acropolis in 2004

The engineer responsible for the lighting installation of the Acropolis during the Athens Olympic Games in 2004 denounced the authorities for their indifference in maintaining the projectors in proper working order.

In a post on his personal Facebook page, Costas Kapos, says that the authorities did not even think to clean the projectors.

The dirt accumulated on the projectors has “altered the photo technical characteristics of the monument,” he writes.

His outburst follows the ceremony at the hill of Pnyx where French President Emmanuel Macron gave a speech on his vision for Europe with the Acropolis in the background on Thursday evening.

The images were transmitted throughout the world.

Kapos says that the authorities have fitted completely inappropriate light bulbs, about half do not work and some of those that do work have lost focus.

Are they not ashamed of the wretched image they show around the world, he wonders.


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