Eldorado Miners Storm Greek Ministry (video)

Miners from the Eldorado Gold mine in Chalkidiki, stormed the Greek Ministry of Environment in Athens, demanding that the government provides the necessary permits for the Canadian company to continue its operations in northern Greece.

Dozens of miners descended to Athens on buses to demonstrate. A group evaded the police cordon, and managed to run inside the building. Some were seen hanging out from windows, while shouting slogans.

The riot squad had to be brought in, in order to prevent more miners from storming into the ministry.

About 2,500 workers are in danger of losing their jobs, if Eldorado Gold follows through on its ultimatum to the government to suspend its investment in Greece after 22 September.

Employees declared that they will not leave from the Ministry of Environment, unless the necessary permits are provided.

“We will not leave if we do not get the permits” a spokesman for the demonstrating miners said, demanding a meeting with the minister responsible for the Eldorado Gold investment.

The government is accusing Eldorado Gold of applying political pressure, and are saying they want more information from the company, and that any differences should go to arbitration.

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