Italian Railways Τake Οver Greek TrainOSE on September 14

Italian railways are set to sign a final agreement to take over full ownership of TrainOSE on September 14 during a ceremony in Corfu, Filippos Tsalidis, TrainOSE’s CEO told reporters during a news conference in Thessaloniki.

The signing of the agreement will be made in the framework of the first Greece-Italy Cooperation Council to be held in Corfu, paving the way for the transfer of TrainOSE to Italian railways.

Tsalidis said, the infrastructure of Greek railways were rapidly improving, with the Athens-Thessaloniki route to take 4.5 hours by mid-November, when works in the Tithorea-Lianokladi section are completed. Panagiotis Theoharis, chairman of TrainOSE, said he expected cargo traffic from Thessaloniki to FYROM, to increase significantly.

TrainOSE expects a significant increase in revenue from cargo transport, as Cosco leases 36 trains on a monthly basis. In 2016, Cosco’s cargo trains from Piraeus port to Central Europe totaled 211, carrying 7,579 container boxes.

Cargo traffic the other from the opposite direction; from Central Europe to Piraeus port, totaled 49 trains in 2016. So far this year, trains from Piraeus port to Central Europe destinations totaled 214, carrying 7,298 container boxes and trains from Central Europe to Piraeus port totaled 150 trains.

Source: ANA-MPA


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