Landslide-Hit Village in Western Macedonia ‘Should be Evacuated Immediately’

A prominent Greek geologist warned that the Agioi Anargyri village in western Macedonia; which was hit by a landslide last June caused from works at the nearby mine, “should be evacuated immediately”.

Professor of Applied Geology at the University of Athens and Chairman of the Organization for Earthquake Management and Protection (OASP), Efthimios Lekkas, expressed his concerns after an on-sight inspection of the village.

He warned that the autumn rains could erode the soil, widen the rifts and cause further damage that could endanger human lives.

Agioi Anargyri village is located next to the Public Power Corporation (PPC) coal mines.

Lekkas and his team of geologists say that similar, but less acute, problems are faced in other nearby villages such as Valtonera, Fanos and Rodonas.

Reports say that locals are up in arms demanding that the government legislates immediately to provide compensation for resettlement.

The president of the local council community, Giorgos Tsismalidis, said that locals will start a series of protests if the government fails to act by Friday.

“They tell us to leave the village and rent houses elsewhere, but noone is telling us who will pay for the rent,” he noted.

The PCC has assumed the cost for the resettlement of around 30 families whose homes were damaged by the June landslide.

However, there has been no provision yet for the rest of the families of Agioi Anargyri.


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