Unemployment in Greece Slides to 21.1% in Second Quarter

The jobless rate in Greece dropped to 21.1 percent in April-to-June from 23.3 percent in the first quarter, according to a Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTA) report released on Thursday.

ELSTAT has started issuing monthly unemployment reports since they differ according to the season. For instance, in the summer months the job rate has an upward turn due to the tourist season. The rate goes up again in the fall, after season’s end.

Currently, about 74.0 percent of Greece’s 1.02 million jobless are long-term unemployed, meaning they have been out of work for at least 12 months, the figures show. Almost half of Greeks (45 percent) aged 20 to 24 were unemployed in the second quarter.

However, Greece’s economy expanded for the second quarter in a row, showing a 0.5 percent growth between April and June. In June, the number of employed Greeks reached 3,775,939.



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