First Picture of Thessaloniki Seaside Walls from 1860 Sees Light of Day

The photo of Thessaloniki circa 1860; when the city still had seaside walls, that was published by photographer Zacharias Semertzidis in the “Old Photos of Thessaloniki” group, has been making its rounds on the internet.

Zacharias Semertzidis noted that it is a historic shot, as it is the first photographic document that shows the city as it was before the demolition of the walls.

The photographic documentary was found in the Magyar Nemzeti Levéltár, and is included in an album titled “Constantinople”, which was created in the 1860s by the famous Armenian photographers; Abdullah brothers.

It is estimated that the picture was taken in the mid 1860s, definitely before 1867, when the walls were demolished. The album is not dated, nor are the names of its creators; however, the content of the photographs is briefly mentioned in French.  We do know that both this and a second album of photographs, also taken by the Abdullah brothers, were presented at the Paris World Fair in 1867.




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