Snowstorm Chaos as Drivers Stranded on Main Greek Highway (video)

    Hundreds of drivers have been stranded on the main Athens to Thessaloniki highway, as a snow storm hit central Greece, on Friday.

    According to reports, traffic came to a standstill about 100 km north of Athens, just north of Lake Yliki.

    A 14 km long jam formed, as thousands of Athenians were travelling north for the Christmas holidays.

    Officials say that it could take hours to clear the highway from the snow. More than a dozen  snowplowing vehicles are operating in this particular section of the road.

    Heavy snow has caused problems in other parts of Greece, as well. Emergency services freed passengers of a bus that was stranded near Kalavryta, in the Peloponnese.

    Traffic police is urging drivers to exercise extreme caution as night falls and ice forms on the roads.