November 17 Killer Seeks New Prison Leave

Convicted November 17 terrorist Dimitris Koufodinas — currently serving a number of life sentences for crimes including murder — is to ask for new prison leave, only months after his first two-day release sparked anger from victims’ families.

Koufodinas, convicted in 2003, is applying under a law which allows him to ask for more leave only two months after his previous outing from Korydallos prison in Athens.

Korydallos Prison Council is currently examining the 59-year-old’s latest petition.

His first parole caused heated reactions and criticism. The U.S. and U.K. embassies in Greece issued complaints. U.S. and British officials were among the victims the ultra-left group, which operated in Greece between 1975 and 2002.

There were also concerns the former hitman could pose a flight risk and abscond.

Current legislation gives the right to the prosecutors to veto decisions by the prison council but it was a prosecutor’s decision to grant leave to the aging gunman in November.



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