Greek Minister Flouts Anti-Smoking Law (photos)

An embarrassing photo has emerged of a Greek minister smoking indoors during an event in Thessaly as the government is supposedly trying to enforce widely-flouted anti-smoking  laws.

The mayor of Trikala, a town in Thessaly that has banned smoking in public, launched an attack on Deputy Transport Minister Christos Spirtzis who was snapped smoking at a panel with other officials.

In a Facebook post, Mayor Dimitris Papastergiou uses the world-famous Greek word beginning with “m” to express how he feels trying to impose anti-smoking laws.

“In any other country if a minister was openly disregarding and violating the law he would have resigned. But, I forget we are in Greece,” the mayor writes.

In January, Health Minister Andreas Xanthos called on the authorities to enforce the anti-smoking law, and start strict checks on public places where smoking is being permitted.

It is not the first time that Greek ministers have been caught flouting anti-smoking laws. In 2016, Alternate Minister of Health Pavlos Polakis was caught smoking during a press conference in the ministry.

Former Migration Minister Yiannis Mouzalas has also been snapped smoking at public meetings.


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