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How the Greek Crisis is Profitable for the IMF

How the Greek Crisis is Profitable for the International Monetary Fund

Does the IMF have an incentive to keep Greece in crisis to protect its own financial survival and continue to milk the Greek cow?

Amnesty International: “Refugees detained in dire conditions in Greece”

By Amnesty International Thousands of refugees and migrants are being held arbitrarily in appalling conditions amid growing uncertainty, fear and despair over their fate under...

UNICEF Awards Greek Coast Guard for Rescue Work in the Aegean

Amidst warm applause and in a highly emotional ceremony, UNICEF Greece on Thursday presented the Lambros Kanellopoulos award to Greece's coast guard for its...

OXI Day: The Greek Word That Changed the Course of WWII Keeps Shaping Greece

OXI, the word NO in Greek, may sound like a negative. But it has become a positive word after PM Metaxas said OXI to the Nazi forces passing through Greece.

Top 5 Photo Opportunities In the Greek Ionian Islands

By Cliff Blaylock When packing for a getaway to Greece, top of the list of travel essentials is a camera because whether it’s for bragging...

Did the Amphipolis Tomb Commemorate Hephaistion?

By Andrew Chugg* The archaeological team responsible for the recent excavation campaigns at the Amphipolis Tomb gave a lecture on 30th September 2015 in which...

Greek Football Team Wins INSP Trophy at the Homeless World Cup

There were euphoric and emotional scenes in Amsterdam today when Greece beat Switzerland to lift the INSP Trophy at the Homeless World Cup.

What the New Leader of Greece can Learn from Broadway Hip Hop Musical ‘Hamilton’

*By William E Nelson What do the new Broadway hip-hop musical “Hamilton” and Greece’s debt crisis have in common? A great deal, actually. “Hamilton,” which opened...

Greece: Time for Some Forgiveness

By Professor Dimitri Gonis A taxi ride through the Peloponnese is an eye opening experience. It's about 300 kilometres and a three hour drive from...

The Carbon-14 Dating of the Amphipolis Tomb

*By Andrew Chugg At the end of January this year the Greek Ministry of Culture commissioned various tests on the bones found in the burial...

This Is the End of the Line for Syriza

By Dimitris Dalakoglou, VU University Amsterdam* Greek banks have reopened after weeks of closure. The patient and orderly way customers queued outside to use ATMS during...

U.S. Tax Avoidance Trumps Greek Tax Evasion

Blatant corporate and personal tax evasion contributed to Greece’s debt crisis, but it's dwarfed by the tax avoidance of U.S. multinationals operating in countries like Australia.