Study Abroad Greece – Find a Greek University or College

This page aims to help students that want to start or continue their education in Greece. There are many study abroad programs and colleges that offer courses in English. Western Civilization was born in Greece, why do you want to study somewhere else?

Colleges in Greece

Private institutions of higher education are prohibited by the Greek constitution. Effective 2009, all the private educational businesses that collaborate (through validation or franchising) with foreign universities will be named colleges. Colleges it’s not yet determined what kind of accreditation and rights they will receive from the Greek state.

Greek Universities and Polytechnics

All the Higher Tertiary state-accredited universities in Greece are public. The duration of the undergraduate degree programs for most disciplines is 4 years (full time). Programs in engineering, dentistry, pharmacology, agronomics, forestry, along with some programs in fine arts, have a duration of 5 years (240E.C.T.S – 300E.C.T.S ISCED 5A). Medicine is the only discipline with a duration of studies of 6 years.

Technological Educational Institutes

(Greek: T.E.I. – Ανώτατα Τεχνολογικά Εκπαιδευτικά Ιδρύματα)

All the Higher Tertiary state-accredited Technological Educational Institutes in Greece are public. Technological Educational Institutes were established in 1983 and since 2001 are institutions of the higher education in Greece. They offer 4-year (full time) undergraduate degree programs equivalent to Honours Bachelor’s Degree (240E.C.T.S ISCED 5A) and since 2008 they are also allowed to run on their own postgraduate programs that lead to a Master’s Degree.

Academies and Greek schools

The following academies offer higher education with 4 years of studies and their graduates are equivalent to the graduates of universities. However, they operate under different terms from the universities and among other differences they have is that they are not allowed to run graduate programs on their own.

The following schools offer higher education with 4 years of studies and their graduates are equivalent to the graduates of Technological Educational Institutes.

The following schools offer higher education of up to 2 years of studies

To take a better idea about studying in Greece watch the following video made by a student that did his study abroad program in Greece. Here we will be featuring videos from real foreign students in Greece, trying to give you a taste of how it is to study there.