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Socialists See Rise In Poll After Leadership Change

Support for Greece's Socialists has picked up under the party's new leader, according to poll results published Sunday, which shows a dip in support...

Socialists Rise Slightly After Leader Elections-Polls

Support for Greece's Socialist party has risen slightly following the election of a new leader of the party this month, three public opinion polls...

Two Years in Power: Ten Things George Papandreou Has or Hasn’t Changed

From crushing ruling Conservatives party two years ago, Papandreou’s poll numbers have suffered a dramatic slump turning the Greek PM into a contemporary Diogenes of Sinope who instead of strolling around with a lamp looking for an honest man, he’s desperately looking for his voters- if there’s anyone left that is[...]

From Father To Son, PASOK Celebrates its 37th Birthday

In 1974, a couple of months before the colonels' junta collapsed, current Prime Minister's father, Andreas Papandreou, left Toronto and returned home, in order to create the Pan-Hellenic So-cialist Movement, known...