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Greece: The Incredible Shrinking Country

ATHENS – Even as interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, who is leading a temporary coalition government, insisted that he’s on track to keep international...

IMF Says Greeks Taxed-Out; 150,000 Will Lose Their Jobs

ATHENS – Buried under waves of austerity measures, beleaguered Greeks shouldn't have to suffer any more tax hikes, one of its principal international lenders,...

PASOK and New Democracy at Daggers Drawn Over Past

Just as the European Union is experiencing the most serious economic crisis in its existence and with Greece on the verge of bankruptcy, the...

Call for Coalition Government to Stay On Until 2013

ATHENS – Following remarks from New Democracy party leader Antonis Samaras that elections tentatively scheduled for Feb. 19 will probably have to be rescheduled...

Papandreou Under Pressure to Quit as PASOK Leader

Almost a month after he resigned as Prime Minister, George Papandreou is clinging to power as the head of the embattled PASOK Socialists, but a growing number of lawmakers and former ministers[...]

Another Greek Strike Draws Yawns, No Violence

ATHENS – After 18 months of protests, riots and strikes, another walk off the job by Greek workers on Dec. 1 shut down many...

Greece Gets it Loan, but Worries Mount Faster

ATHENS – After weeks of anguish, Greeks found out that international lenders providing the country with a series of bailout loans will release a...

Samaras Splits New Democracy Over EU Letter

A letter sent to European Union officials by New Democracy leader Antonis Samaras pledging his[...]

Samaras Gives EU a Letter, but Not a Contract

With pressure building on him to sign a bailout deal that would give Greece $175 billion more[...]

General Strike in Greece Set for Dec. 1

The new coalition government led by interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos is not getting a reprieve from Greek workers, who will take to the streets on Dec. 1 to keep up their protest against austerity [...]

Troika Loan on Hold, Xmas Bonus, Pensions at Risk

ATHENS – Greece’s interim Prime Minister Lucas Papademos, who is overseeing a shaky coalition of three parties, is trying to persuade international lenders to...

Report: Troika Backs Down to Samaras, No Signatures Needed

Reversing itself after insisting that leaders of Greece’s new coalition government would have to sign[...]