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Papandreou Called on to Resign by 6 Party Members

Six senior members of the ruling party called on Prime Minister George Papandreou to step down, state-run Athens News Agency reported, without citing anyone. The...

After the Haircut, What Next for Greece?

The signs are all there that investors have really given up on Greece: analysts no longer say “if” when[...]

More Austerity Means More Strikes Too

ATHENS – Protests didn't work. Riots didn't work. Strikes didn't work either, but Greek workers say they’ll walk off their jobs again this week anyway, fed up with another round...

Papandreou-Samaras Meeting Ends in Failure (again)

  A day before "the mother of all strikes" and with thousands of riot police being rushed to Athens George Papandreou in a desperate bid to give...

Papandreou Calls on Pasok Lawmakers to Support Austerity Bill

Prime Minister George Papandreou called on lawmakers from his ruling PASOK party to support an austerity bill to be voted in parliament on Oct....

Venizelos Blasts Strikers, Says Tax Evaders Will Be Named

ATHENS - As growing numbers of public workers join the ranks of strikers protesting pay cuts,  tax hikes, and the layoff of 30,000 workers...

Greek Surtax Doubles, Tax Inspectors Set to Strike

A relentless wave of tax increases hasn't provided enough revenue to plug a deep hole in public finances, so a new supposed one-time “solidarity” surtax on income paid by Greeks will continue next year[...]

PASOK Slips, But No Winners Seen

PASOK Slips, But No Winners Seen ATHENS - Eighteen months after imposing pay cuts, tax hikes and slashed pensions on the working populace in an...

Venizelos: Greece On Razor’s Edge

The agreement of July 21 either would be guaranteed as it is or we would seek something better Greek FinMin has reportedly said at...

Two Years in Power: Ten Things George Papandreou Has or Hasn’t Changed

From crushing ruling Conservatives party two years ago, Papandreou’s poll numbers have suffered a dramatic slump turning the Greek PM into a contemporary Diogenes of Sinope who instead of strolling around with a lamp looking for an honest man, he’s desperately looking for his voters- if there’s anyone left that is[...]

Troika Wants Greece’s Minimum Wage Scrapped

More bad news is brewing for Greek workers in a seemingly endless onslaught of pay cuts and tax hikes. In return for bailout loans keeping the country afloat, the Troika of the European Union[...]

Syriza Reacts to Government’s Policy

SYRIZA group leader, Mr. Alexis Tsipras called yesterday PASOK’s policies “disastrous” for the Greek economy and the country as well. According to Mr. Tsipras, the...