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Crisis, Taxes and Poor Clergymen. Or Maybe Not?

In Greece during 2012, austerity measures, political and financial scandals, wage cuts and Greeks committing suicide are on the front-pages. While Greek politicians give interviews to...

Police Arrest Woman for EU48 Million in Unpaid Taxes

Police arrested a 35-year-old woman in Thessaloniki, for non- payment of taxes amounting to 48 million euros, in an effort to clamp down on...

Greek Crisis-hit Donkeys Immigrate to the UK For a Better Life

Like thousands of his compatriots, Christoforos, was forced to immigrate and move to the UK for a better[...]

We Won’t Pay? Many Greeks Are

ATHENS – Despite rising public anger over a slew of new tax measures that have created new “We Won't Pay” movements to go along...

Greek Tax Changes that will Make Your Wallet Lighter…a Lot Lighter

Greek tax legislation changes resemble pretty much Latin American soap opera episodes[...]