Hundreds of million Euros are «hidden» in the subsoil of Northern Greece

    Hundreds of million Euros are estimated to lay “hidden” in the subsoil of North Greece, either in the form of a great, yet unexploited, geothermal potential (estimated to pay annually over 114.000 tons of oil, equivalent to 33,4 million Euros), either in the form of gold, oil and other minerals and ores.
    The so-called hidden “treasures”, as referred to by the experts, of Northern Greece will be presented in a workshop organized on Saturday 29th of May in Thessaloniki by the financial newspaper “Express” and the Association of Mining Enterprises of Greece.
    According to the organizers, just three gold investments in Greece, can deliver approximately more than 7.000 jobs and revenue of 500 million Euros annually, coming from direct taxes to the Greek state, at least.
    At the same time, experts estimate that Greece could fully cover its needs in oil, since the deposits in Greece, especially in the North part can bring from one up to three billion barrels of “black gold”.



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