Greek ministry cracks down on tax evasion by staff

The Finance Ministry has decided to replace a large number of DOY directors and carry out inspections of source of income in cases of denouncements about illegal activities and large real estate assets within the framework of its battle to combat tax evasion.

Changes in DΟΥ
The Finance Ministry has announced replacement of 20 DOY directors who delayed to collect revenues and had significant deviations from the targets set.

Inspections on Source of Income
The internal inquiry will investigate 50 complaints, mostly against tax offices and customs agencies, in cases including accusations of bribery, illegal economic activity, smuggling and corruption, the ministry said in a statement.
It will also investigate 234 employees who have not filed tax declarations for 2007-2008, as well as others at random, and examine the property holdings of 70 employees.
“The average real estate holdings for these employees is valued at 1,228,337 euros, while their average declared income is 50,834 euros,” the ministry said.
The employees have property holdings ranging from 800,000 euros to 3 million euros ($985,000 to $3.7 million), it said.