High Interest from Cosco to Invest in Greece

    Executive director, Mr. Xristos Aleksakis, of Invest in Greece met with the President and CEO of the Chinese Group Cosco, Captain Wei Jiafu, who was heading a senior delegation for a commercial trip to Greece.

    The purpose of his trip was to expand COSCO’s win-win business collaborations with the Greek shipping and port communities on the basis of the PCT, a concession operation project of container terminals in Piraeus invested by COSCO Pacific Ltd.

    When Captain Wei Jiafu was asked by Aleksakis if Greece should expect further investments from their behalf, he responded, in the up most positive way, by saying that there is a great interest from Cosco and the People’s Republic of China in a vast number of sectors.

    This meeting is considered a prosperity message towards the whole of the investing community around the world.