George Papandreou “We are not going to take even one step back” on ‘Kallikratis’

    Last night, in the Parliament chambers the PM stated that “We are not going to take even one step back.” During lasts night conversation up on the implementation of the bill, he characterized the ‘Kallikratis’ program a “cornerstone” for the Greece they are building.. “It’s a precondition for the country’s exit from the crisis” and “a democratic revolution”.

    Mr. Papandreou said that, his government will not step back in their decision to cut down the number of municipalities from 1.032 to 325.

    In today’s meeting, the President of the House Mr. Petsalnikos and Mr. Giannis Ragousis, Minister of Internal Affairs, fired up the discussion by counter arguing each other ever the bill.

    “The aim is to vote for the bill with faith in our hearts,” said the President of the House. Further on, he went saying that, all opinions must be heard regarding all matters; and not having to be imposed by a certain opinion. “We are not planning for the next 10 years, but for the constant growth of our country for many decades to come.” Greece is expecting many things to come from ‘Kallikratis’ bill.

    Mr. Ragousis, gave clarity to the matter, whilst in the mean time, expressed his annoyance indirectly.

    Mr. Papandreou said ‘Kallikratis’ is an important political option “linked to the Greece of growth, rule of law and social justice.”

    He also accused the main opposition New Democracy (ND) party of “avoiding to assume its responsibilities regarding the reform of the country.”