Mass Transport Strike on Thursday

    All means of mass transport buses, electric train, metro and trolley buses are staging a 24 hour strike on Thursday, June, 3 demanding maintenance of salary and social security rights and permanent source to finance means of mass transport.
    Running regular services is only the suburban railway, as its employees are in the Federation of Railways Employees, who are organizing two new 24-hour strikes, one on June, 10 and the second along with GSEE and ADEDY.
    Trade unions have announced escalation of industrial mobilizations next week with demonstrations and marches.

    Mass Media Strike
    All employees in mass media are staging a strike on Thursday. ESHEA (Union of Daily Newspaper Journalists) calls its members to participate in the strike while members of cooperating trade unions are giving an interview regarding their requests and reasons for their strike.

    Lawyers Abstain from Duties
    In the meantime, the Coordinating Committee of Notaries Public Unions has announced a two-day (Thursday and Friday) abstention from duties. Notaries Public demand participation in dialogue for the final formulation of social security draft-bill.



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