Event of the Greek Community for the Greek National Team

A delegation of the national soccer team attended a formal event last night, organized by the Greek Community of Durban at the North Hellenic Community Centre. In a room full of Greeks, George Karangounis, Fanis Gekas, Angelos Charisteas and Alexandros Tzorvas, along with the team manager of the National Greek Team, Takis Fyssas, signed many autographs and took photos with the attendants.
The event was introduced by the President of the Community, Michalis Pampalis, whilst a welcome speech was addressed by the Metropolitan of Good Hope and Cape Town, Sergius, who wished for the national team to go as far as possible, without however making this their primary goal. The Greek Consul in Durban, Christos Zacharopoulos was also present.

The Greek Community of the city is comprised of around 1500 members, whilst there are two Greek Churches and a school. One of the churches is triadic (Agios Nikolaos, Agios Andreas, Agios Gerasimos) and is located within the premises, whilst the Holy Trinity is built at the old town. The Greek Community offers the society of the city many prominent members. Many Greeks have established ship supply companies, as Durban is a very important port, others deal with shipping and the new generation is taking up occupations such as teachers, lawyers, academics etc.

Great excitement and many Greeks in Durban attended the training of the Greek national team yesterday
In the presence of around 1000 supporters, Greeks living in Durban, but also several locals, the training of the national team took place. The training was open to the public and Press Representatives. The horns blew up the atmosphere, creating a festive climate for the days to follow when the World Cup begins.