Greek press: «Return home now»

Most sports papers focus on Sunday morning on Otto Rehhagel alleged errors of judgement and tactical moves, with one of them going as far as suggesting to the squad to return to Greece immediately if they are to play like that!

“Greek slaves to Otto”, says Goal News on its front page, referring to “crimes” by the German manager.

Columnist Andreas Dimatos writes: “I cannot possibly know the margins for improvement, mostly through the footballing pride of some players, ahead of the next game with Nigeria. What I am sure about is that the national team will have to start preparing the ground for the post-Rehhagel era. All good things come to an end…”

SportDay bears the headline “they are mocking us”, referring to the ironic comments from the global media which state that Greece are the worst team of all times…

Its director Giorgos Chelakis writes: “Defeat to a team like South Korea, is very painful. Very, very painful. It came with a bad performance. It generated an image of a team that gathered to play football just before the start of a tournament, and not a proper squad.”

Exedra goes on to have “play by yourselves” in the headline, therefore suggesting that it is the manager who is responsible for the loss and not the players.

Filathlos takes it even further, writing “come back now, if you are to play as you did with South Korea – How many goals would you concede to Nigeria and Argentina?”

Fos ton Spor suggests that “the national team and Rehhagel were all lost and the South Koreans had an easy 2-0 victory”, and Derby News stressed the “disappointment from the national team in their opening game.”

“Nightmare number 2”, is the headline of Ora ton Spor, in a direct reference to the 1994 World Cup disaster. “Memories of ‘94” adds Score Live on its front page.

“A hubris to football”, notes Prasini, which moans about the non-use of Sotiris Ninis. “A vuvuzela team”, is the headline of Gavros.
(source: sport in greece)