And the winner of Greek Idol 2010 is ….Valanto!

Valanto Trifonos is the winner of Greek Idol 2010! Valanto Trifonos also participated in the 2006 Cyprus national final.
The show is hosted by legendary Roula Koromila while two more Eurovision related persons are included in the jury: Dimitris Kontopoulos (multiple NF entries as a composer, 2009 Greek entry composer) and Kostas Kapetanidis (mostly known as 2005 Greek video clip director).

Valanto came in Greece in order to become the next Greek Idol and eventually she did it ! The 22 years old singer attracted the audience with her voice and reading and as a result she knocked out Nikol Paparistodimos the other contestant.

After a night full of surprises and glory with guests from Anna Vissi and George Mazwnakis, Roula Koromila announced the name of the  queen of Greek Idol, Valanto, who signed a contract with the music company SONY BMG. The singer was moved and happy as her first goal was finally attempted !!