Terror Group «Sexta Protesters» Blamed for Murder of Greek Journalist

    Early reports from the scene stated that Giolias’ colleagues believed the killing was linked to the fact that he was about to publish the results of an investigation into corruption.
    Police initially said they had not established a motive for the shooting, but did not think it was carried out by any of Greece’s left-wing guerrilla groups. They soon however added that the guns that were used belong to the terrorist organization ‘Sexta Protesters’.
    His lawyer Yiannis Marakakis, underlined that the police could find useful information in his files, that may even show the murders. They believe it was an organized crime as it was proved that the terrorists, followed the journalist during the last weeks.
    The Revolutionary Sect claimed responsibility last year for gunning down an anti-terrorism policeman. Officer Nektarios Savvas was shot dead on June 17 while guarding a person in a witness-protection program. Savvas was the first fatality in a series of attacks following the Dec. 6, 2008, shooting of a teenager in Athens by a police officer. No member of the group has ever been arrested.

    Giolas’ funeral will take place tomorrow at 4.30 pm at the Cemetery of Agioi Anarguroi.


    1. Who was actually killed instead of that journalist?
      More exactly, the identity of what person is used now by that journalist and for what reason?
      Socrates could be the answer?