Thessaloniki Metro Construction Resumes

    The construction of the much awaited Thessaloniki metro began in June 2006 and should be completed by late 2014. Now Kostikas, one of the two tunnel-boring machines being used to carve out the city’s metro route is functioning again after a nine month delay.
    The boring machine resumed activities 30 meters underground as it digs through the earth under The Aristotle University library. The metro route will cover 9.6 kilometers. The project was delayed last November to allow the two tunnel-boring machines to undergo maintenance work and to test the stability of the university buildings.
    Thessaloniki’s metro will be similar to the Copenhagen Metro & London’s Docklands Light Railway. It will feature 18 AnsaldoBreda Driverless Metro trains that will run in separate tunnels in each direction. There will also be glass walls with automatic doors on the edge of platforms in every station for added safety.


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