CNN’s Richard Roth Vacations in Greece

    CNN’s Senior United Nations Correspondent Richard Roth chose Greece as his summer vacation destination this year!  This marks Roth’s fourth trip to Greece. 

    Based out of New York City Roth specializes in United Nations headquarters coverage.  He has covered the role of the United Nations and its reactions to the Afghanistan & Iraq wars, in addition to an array of reports concerning U.S. politics.  His U.S. political reports include the 2009 financial crisis & various presidential elections.  Roth has also reported on a wide range of issues such as the Iranian nuclear crisis, the Russia-Georgia dispute from a U.N. diplomatic perspective, New York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s resignation, Haitian earthquake relief efforts and Michael Jackson’s death.

    For over 10 years Roth has reported from The United Nation headquarters on many global issues that include North Korea, Bosnia and Iraq.  Between 2002-2003 he thoroughly covered the increasing tensions between Iraq and the United States, the process of weapon inspection and the war.  Roth has covered many U.N. international conferences regarding issues such as Cairo’s population, Copenhagen’s social development and females in China.

    Richard Roth was the host of CNN’s show “Diplomatic License” which was dedicated to United Nations coverage.  Roth traveled with former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan in the U.N. private jet to South Asia in 2004 to cover the tsunami which caused 155,000 deaths in the region.  Roth reported from The World Trade Center during the September 11th, 2001 attacks and Bush’s arrival at the scene. 

    Richard Roth is CNN’s third longest working employee.  He began his term at CNN during its launch in 1980 as an assignment desk editor at the NY bureau.  He continued on as CNN’s NY Assistant Bureau Chief, Chicago’s Bureau Chief and Rome’s Bureau Chief.  During the ‘90’s he was the host of CNN’s special report “Murder by Numbers”.  He was part of the CNN news team reporting on the Gulf War in 1991-1992.  He was portrayed in HBO’s movie “Live From Baghdad”.  Roth also served as CNN’s correspondent at the Berlin Wall opening and the outing of Czechoslovakian & Romanian communist regimes.  Among other international destinations he has extensively reported from Amman, Baghdad, Jordan and Tel Aviv. (Source:

    During this trip to Greece Roth spent the majority of his time in and around Athens as his stay was less than a week.  Roth resided at The Hilton Athens and went on day trips to Sounio, Lagonissi and to the northern and southern Athenian suburbs.   In prior trips he has traveled to Mykonos, Patmos & Santorini.  Roth had a great time and stated it was worth the 6 planes for only 6 days of vacation and will definitely come back to Greece!

    Roth returns back home to New York City just in time to prepare for the upcoming high-level plenary meeting of the 65th session of the General Assembly: “United Nations Summit on the Millennium Development Goals” which he will cover for CNN.  The meeting will take place September 20th to 22nd at U.N. headquarters.  Greek Prime Minister Papandreou will be in attendance and is scheduled to meet with U.S. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton.