Pending European Arrest Warrent for Athens Bank Robber

One of the three men arrested following the attempted robbery of a National Bank of Greece branch in Athens yesterday (see page 10) is wanted by the Cyprus police in connection with the murder of Michalis Kakathymis.  Kakathymis was killed in Limassol last year.
According to police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos, a European arrest warrant is currently pending for one of the three arrested in the failed bank robbery in Greece which temporarily involved a hostage crisis. He said Cyprus police are waiting for an official briefing from the Greek police as to whether and when the arrest warrant will be executed and extradition procedures started, given that the man in question was arrested in Athens in a serious case of robbery.
A trial has already begun against five suspects believed to be involved in the murder of former cabaret owner Kakathymis in Limassol last year. The five suspects face a number of charges.  However the alleged shooter; a 33 year old Greek Pontian Constantinos Michaelides remains at large.
(source: Cyprus Mail)