President Christofias: “Create Relationships with the Overseas Turkish-Cypriots”

The conference for overseas Cypriots began on Tuesday with a welcome speech by The Cypriot Minister for Foreign Affairs Marcos Kyprianou. Among the speakers were Archbishop of Cyprus Chrisostomos, SAE Honorary President Andrew Athens, POMAK President Haris Sophokleidis, PSECA President Philip Christopher and NEPOMAK President Christos Karaolis.

The conference started officially with a speech by President of Republic of Cyprus Demetris Christofias. Mr. Demetris Christofias, referred to the parameters of the struggle for the solution of the Cyprus problem as well as to need for unity in the home front, which was and remains, as he said, “the key element and prerequisite for the success of our cause”.

Outside of the text President Christofias said “…create relationships with the overseas Turkish Cypriots. They are also children of our homeland”

We have to see the situation as it is, not as we are are dreaming it to be. We had to have thought of our dreams before 1974, actually before 1960.”

“Of course there is pressure from foreign forces for a solution. We want give in, we want this solution to come from Cyprus.

M. Christofias also noticed the important role of the overseas Cypriots for Cyprus.
“Overseas Cypriots offer great help to their homeland and the Cypriot problems. The Cypriot government always will stand by you, said talking to the representatives of Cypriot organizations abroad.”

The Parliament’s President Marios Garoyian stated that some U.N. members want a solution without really caring about the conditions of it regarding the Cyprus issue. He mentioned that Greece and Cyprus should take advantage of new opportunities that may be presented upon them and to ally with other foreign contras in the international political arena. The conference’s audience holds members of the Jewish lobby. Cypriots seem willing to collaborate with Israel but without jeopardizing their relations in the Arab world.

Archbishop Chrysostomos started his speech by saying: “I wish I could welcome you with a better message regarding the Cyprus problem. Our side never gained anything. Our political ideas of being the good child never brought any results. Turkey, on the other side, with the power of the army holds a country divided. The situation is really sad.”

The conference will take place until Saturday, August 28th.