Protester Throws Shoe at PM Papandreou (video)

Greek unions are planning protest marches in the northern city of Thessaloniki against the debt plagued country’s harsh austerity program.  It will take place before Prime Minister George Papandreou’s keynote speech on the economy Saturday.
A first taste of trouble came when an elderly man threw a shoe at Papandreou who had just inaugurated an annual trade fair. The offender, a 50 year old radiologist, Stergios Prapevezis, (member of a Greek nationalist organization) was in the crowd with other attendees when he took off his shoe and threw it directly at the Prime Minister.
After the offender’s arrest, Prime Minister George Papandreos returned to his day’s events and did not prolong situation.
Separately, around 600 truck owners marched to the fair grounds to protest deregulation of their profession.



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