Freight Truckers Announce Beginning of a New Strike

    The country’s freight truck owners including fuel tankers, announced the beginning of a new strike on Monday.  They claim the government has failed to live up to its promises.
    The truckers ended on August 1st a lengthy strike that had during July starved the country of fuel.  It dealt a severe blow to the tourism sector after a compromise reached with the government.  The strikers say the government has failed to honor their responsibilities.
    Protesting truck owners held a demonstration in Thessaloniki during the inauguration of the 75th Thessaloniki International Fair.
    A group of individuals broke off from the main body of the rally and attacked Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Constantine Michalos.  The attackers punched and hit him, before being dispersed by police.  The incident occurred outside The Macedonia Pallas Hotel where Michalos was to attend a General Assembly of The Central Union of Chambers of Greece.
    (source: ana-mpa)



    1. Oh goody goody, another strike… This is the way to get your country out of the mire, is it not ?
      Whatever happened to idea of an honest days work, not looking for an excuse to have yet another day off ?


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