Trucking Sector Strike Ends

    Today truckers are starting gradually to perform normal transport and finally the market will start working again.

    Increased tension was on the rise in yesterday’s long meeting at the headquarters of the trade union in Omonoia.  Many members were skeptical about suspending the protest.

    However these are the key elements that led the union’s decision to stop the action.

    • The government’s suggested to punish them with administrative and criminal penalties if the strike doesn’t stop.
    • The fact that the offenders will lose their contracts with the State and their project will be give to private cars.
    • The business world and society as a whole has turned against them, especially because their union cannot control its members. There are many cases where violent assaults have taken place between colleagues.

    The Minister of Development Xrysochoides specified that the truck owners will be part of the new development law.  That way they will get some compensation for their loses.



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