PM stresses importance of ‘green energy’

    The importance of green energy with respect to jobs and growth, and also Greek-Chinese relations in the context of the EU-China cooperation were pointed out by prime minister George Papandreou on Tuesday in his address to the 8th Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM) taking place in Brussels.

    Specifically on Greek-Chinese relations, Papandreou told the ASEM summit that a Greek-Chinese Institute on development and shipping will be created.

    German chancellor Angela Merkel lauded Papandreou on Greece’s progress and the enhancement of Greek-Chinese relations, while positive comments were made about the fact that Chinese prime minister Wen Jiabao chose Greece as the first destination of his European tour.

    Papandreou further noted the change in Greece’s developmental model, which he stressed will be based on green development.

    (source: ANA-MPA/V. Demiris)