Their latest audacity: They demand we stop calling the Turkish occupied areas… “occupied” but a “state”!

On the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus , the Turkish Cypriots have intensified their activities in promoting their demand for recognition. They now also demand that the international community stops calling the Turkish occupied part of the Republic of Cyprus “occupied”! , but a “state”

On Sunday the 3rd October 2010, they organised a gathering in Trafalgar Square in London , which was rather a failure, but which served in them dropping the masks and the myth of the so called isolation  by admitting publicly that what they really demand through this,  is political recognition of the occupation regime. The gathering was organised through facebook from the occupied areas (with the support of “Embargoed!” a political association in London that came into being following the referendum in Cyprus rejecting the Annan Plan, in order to promote direct flights and direct trade to the occupation regime with British backing. It was “Embargoed!” that called upon us to withdraw our bloody map (above) with the logo I DO NOT FORGET, claiming that it is …”racist”!).  They delivered a petition at the Prime Minister’s residence at 10 Downing Street demanding political recognition of the occupation regime and to “stop calling them “occupied”!

A few days ago however, they addressed letters to the European Union. The content of those letters confirmed what we knew all along: That the then British Government of Tony Blair following the rejection of the Annan Plan PROMISED THEM DIRECT TRADE. The Association of Turkish Cypriots Abroad sent two letters, one to the president of the European Commission and another to the president of the European Parliament expressing, according to Turkish Londra Gazete newspaper, their disappointment, for not allowing as yet direct trade with the occupation regime. The letter sent by Cetin Ramadan , England Representative of Turks abroad  read: “…

“We are uncertain about direct business to TRNC, and the decision of postponing direct business is a violation of Turkish Cypriot Rights.

Following the Annan plan in 2004, Gunter Verheugen and Tony Blair had promised an unconditional direct business. This has still not been put in place, the EU is still under pressure from the Greek Cypriots and still the people of TRNC are being treated with injustice…”.

Note 1): During the referendum in 2004 Gunter Verheugen was the EU Commissioner for Enlargement and he was furious with the Greek Cypriots for rejecting the Annan Plan. Today Verheugen is employed by the Turks as an Adviser!. (Simerini 13.7.2010).

Note 2): The Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary Jack Straw (Tony Blair’s Government) the day after the referendum in Cyprus decided on governmental level to promote direct trade to the occupied regime through the EU.  (When Jack Straw visited Cyprus during late T. Papadopoulos’ presidency and insisted on going to  the occupied areas as well, the latter refused to see him).

Note 3): In1987 a Joint Parliamentary Committee in the House of Commons which studied the Cyprus issue decided and suggested to the British Government to promote a confederal solution for the Cyprus problem and direct trade.

Mr. Ellinas’ letter to Prime Minister Cameron

Mr. Michael Elllinas, the president of the Democratic Party (of Cyprus) England branch, in a 6 page letter to the British Prime Minister David Cameron has taken to the cleaners the Turkish demands and explained the true facts of the Cyprus problem since the 1974 Turkish invasion and ongoing occupation of Cyprus.

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The refugee Association “Adouloti Kyrenia” has also addressed a letter to the British Prime Minister, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Republic of Cyprus , faxed to 10, Downing Street lunchtime Sunday the 3rd October 2010.

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  1. @ Paris – please get your facts correct before going to print? The TRNC Freedom Rally was not organised from ‘occupied’areas, but from the UK which is why the rally was staged there. Had it been organised from within TRNC then the rally would have been staged there. In addition, the rally, in your opinion, was a failure, but that is your opinion. In fact it was a great success and we have received a lot of publicity from it. Also please note that the photograph that you have printed has nothing to do with the rally held on 3rd October, 2010, but if you would like some pictures to print, we would be more than happy to supply you with some?

  2. Whether it was organised from the occupied part of Cyprus under Turkish invasion and occupation or London or facebook or the moon,is immaterial. The fact remains that it was indeed not just a failure but a total failure and only about 30 or so people attended according to eye witnesses.

    The occupied area of Cyprus is occupied by Turkey and that is a fact and remains a fact.

    House of Representatives Passes Resolution Calling for End to Religious Artifact Destruction in Cyprus – posted October 4, 2010.

    The U.S. House of Representatives has adopted a resolution that calls for the protection of religious sites in Turkish-occupied regions of Cyprus. The bipartisan resolution was adopted unanimously last week.

    The resolution is in response to the looting, damage, and violence that has continued to occur in The Republic of Cyprus as it celebrates its 50th anniversary of Independence. While the nation celebrates the independence it won fifty years ago, nearly a third of the Greek island is still under Turkish military occupation, and has been for more than 35 years.

    At the heart of the matter, is the preservation of historical and religious artifacts in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus. Since the occupation began, thousands of religious artifacts and cultural icons have been vandalized, looted, and destroyed. Cyprus is home to many historical and religious icons and mosaics dating back to the early eighth century. During the more than 35 years that the northern third of the island has been occupied by Turkish military, more than 15,000 religious items have become unaccounted for, and more than 60,000 ancient artifacts have been transferred to other countries illegally. Additionally, at least 520 Greek Orthodox churches and chapels, along with17 monasteries have been vandalized or destroyed, or turned into casinos, bars, night clubs, or hotels.

    Officially the United States can do nothing more than call on Turkey to bring an end to the destruction of the irreplaceable ancient items. The resolution came only days after the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Demetris Chrisofias, unveiled a new exhibit at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. The exhibition is part of the island nation’s celebration of their 50th year of independence and features more than 200 artifacts spanning 11,000 years of history in Cyprus.

  3. Shame you did not vote yes to Annan. Your government mislead your people. How can you demand the removal of Turkey’s troops when you voted for them to stay by accepting the Annan plan. Suits you to have your victim mentality crying to the world. There were always two victims to the Cyprus problem. Not just Greek Cypriots, but Turkish Cypriots too. Not to forget your myth of problems starting in 1974…actually even in the 50s there were major problems with TCs getting attacked.
    BTW thanks for posting that picture. It is Baroness Sarah Ludford who is clear in supporting the right of Turkish Cypriots getting a fair deal. Well done even if you did not mean it.

  4. I have lived in Cyprus for 6 years, reading, listening to both sides. The North Cypriots are a quiet people, the Greek Cypriots are agressive and bullish. Hence the reason in 1974 the intervention took place. I have read all the books, listened to all the debates, and the propaganda from one side is completely out of context. Of course the media, Europe and the rest of the world cannot hear the side of the embargoed North – having had no voice to send out to the world.

    No Greek church in the North have I seen vandalised or made into Casinos, cafes or bars. All respectively protected within the economic capability of the state. No meetings between the leaders have come to any fruition. Someone outside of the scene must make a stand on their behalf. America, Britain, Europe.

  5. Talk not of that which you know nothing of Jennifer. Cyprus is known as Cyprus for a reason, and even though the Turkish Cypriots have the right to live where they have lived since before the war, or even own what they owned before the war, the island is still Cypriot and should be run under the one and only legally entitled Cypriot government. Cyprus is Cypriot and not Turkish; and no matter what happens, the true Cypriot will never accept this while he still breathes and walks. Shame on anyone that can stand and look at themselves in the mirror daily and convince themselves otherwise; for they convince themselves of a lie and deep down they know it…..

  6. A violent invasion was still an invasion (with full knowledge of the British & Americans) , do your research; and still is an occupation. Of course the inhabitants of the north will keep good order in all the churches and monuments. EVERYTHING they have to show both in Cyprus and Turkey, of note are from the older civilisations of the Romans, Greeks and Byzantines. Aside from that all people have the right to live peacefully.