Former Siemens Manager Confirms Hand Outs to Greece

Former Siemens AG manager Reinhard Siekaczek confirmed in a statement on Tuesday that Siemens had handed out political money in Greece. He testified before a delegation of Greek MPs sent to Munich by a Greek Parliamentary committee investigating alleged kickbacks paid by the German multinational in their country.
While in Munich, the MPs will also question former Siemens Hellas CEO Mihalis Christoforakos; a fugitive of Greek justice, who is due to testify before the Greek Parliamentary delegation on Wednesday.
The main administrator of Siemens slush funds, Siekaczek said he was aware that kickbacks were being paid to political parties in Greece but did not reveal any names.  He stated that he did not know who the names of the politicians that accepted the funds. He suggested that the MPs question Christoforakos regarding the identities of the recipients.
(source: ana-mpa)


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