70th Anniversary of OXI Day on October 28th

    On October 28th, Greece, Cyprus and other Greek communities worldwide will be celebrating what is known as Greek OXI day. Every year  Greeks have celebrated this event since 1940 when the day was founded. OXI day is a Greek national holiday in Greece.
    The national holiday was established in 1940 when the Italian Ambassador asked the Greek Prime Minister to have Italian soldiers based in Greece. Prime Minister Ioannis Metaxas refused the Italian’s request, much to the Ambassadors surprise. The Greek army went on to fight the Italians out of Greece.  Even though they had little ammunition and very few bullets the Greek defeated the invaders.

    Message of the SAE USA Region Coordinator, Theodore Spyropoulos for the October 28th Anniversary
    The 28th of October is a landmark in the historical course of the Greek nation, as the generation of 1940, leadership and people, struggled for the prime ideal of freedom, proving the strength of willpower.
    In a time of constant changes and great challenges both for our birthplace and the global society, we have a duty to learn from the selflessness and sacrifice of the heroes of 1940, and to realize the need to serve the common interest.
    The situation in which the Greek and global society are currently in is a reflection of the acts of all their citizens. When the entire society malfunctions then every member of it is affected.

    The act of placing the common good over individuality is a core value in Greek ideology and history. A history which has proven that we the Greeks, can exceed ourselves when our values and dignity are at stake.
    Today more than ever, we need to prove our love for our birthplace with actions, seeking unity and a sense of solidarity, so as to emerge stronger from the crisis.
    Celebrating our national anniversaries with formality is not enough. We have a duty to consciously honor the actions of our heroes who sacrificed their individuality for the common good, by taking action which will contribute to the creation of a better future for our children.
    On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the 28th of October 1940, let us bestow through this historical memory, the virtues, the humanitarian values and inexhaustible forces of Hellenism to the younger generation. And we the older generation, let us draw optimism, self-confidence and faith in our powers, overcoming the adversities we are faced with, regardless of how great they may seem.


    1. We always remember them for their sacrifice. We have nothing without their bravery in defense of freedom and democracy.


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