Startling Abstention Rate for Greek Voters

For yet another electoral battle in Greece it was determined that: “None of the above proved the clear winner; four in 10 disenchanted voters preferred to stay home on election Sunday rather than head for the polling booths to vote for local government officials in municipalities and regions. With 40 percent of the vote counted in the early hours of Monday, the abstention rate in regional elections was 40.02 percent, while blank or spoiled votes posted another record at 9 percent.  Abstention rates for municipal elections were even higher at 40.5 percent, while blank and spoiled votes accounted for 5.37 percent.”
A small town in northwestern Greece broke all records with a sweeping 95.77 percent abstention.
The residents of Velvendo in the prefecture of Kozani, abstained en masse from the election in protest over the municipality’s unification with other towns under the Kallikratis administrative reform plan.
According to the Velvendo Citizens’ Coordination Committee, just 204 of the town’s 4,821 registered voters showed up Sunday to cast their ballots.  Only 168 of these ballots were valid.