Renowned Actress Smaro Stefanidou Passes

    Renowned Greek actress Smaro Stefanidou passed away due to heart failure. She was 97 years old. She will be laid to rest Wednesday at 15:30 p.m at the Athens Second Cemetery. Her death marked the end of an era.

    Stefanidou was born in Athens in 1913.  She graduated from the Athens University, from the Trade Department. However, it was the theatre that she dedicated her heart and soul to.  She peformed numerous shows dedicated to children. She first appeared in the Greek Cinema in 1951 with a movie directed by Mr. Zervos titled: “The Four Stairs”. She also had leading roles in several Greek movies and took up choreography. Her versatile talent, energy, mentality, courtesy, ethos and willingness to shine up until her death will be forever etched in memory.



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