Georgios Sklavounos Museum Opens in Amfiklia-Elatia!

    The municipality of Amfiklia in south central Greece that is now the Amfiklia-Elatia extended municipality, will inaugurate the Academician Georgios Sklavounos Museum.  The inaguration will take place on Sunday, November 28th in the township which lies on the eastern foothills of Mt. Parnassus.
    The inauguration of the museum and its exhibits is in cooperation with the University of Athens Medical School.  It will be held in a specially modified hall within the Amfiklia town hall.
    A bust of the noted early 20th century anatomist and medical instructor will also be unveiled during the event.  The bust is sponsored by Athens Medical School professors P. Skandalakis and D.A. Lappas.
    The German educated Sklavounos who is a native of the Amfiklia district, is considered as the father of modern anatomy by generations of 20th Greek physicians.  His opus is the 1906 edition of: “The Human Anatomy”.
    (source: ana-mpa)