WikiLeaks Uncovers War Scenario between Greece & Turkey

    WikiLeaks published an article relevant to the bilateral relationship between Greece and Turkey.
    According to leaked documents, the American embassy in Ankara insists that Turkey planned to cause a convulsion at the Greek abuttals in order to invade the north side of Evros. The document came into publicity the last days.  It says that the executive officers know that a coup d’état will be incited so they made scenarios which would justify their actions. This document is extremely important.  After its publication, the U.S. confirmed an attack was about to be conducted against Greece in 2003. In addition they imply that the Turkish Army will continue to cause such convulsions in their relationship with Greece.


    1. I dont know any Greeks that wouldnt go to defend their country with more than 5000 years of history if they werent getting paid for it. I would personally quit my job abroad and go fight against the invaders

    2. Dream on, no matter whats your growth rate, your ancestors are mongol nomads. Mine are Plato, Sophocles, Aristotles those who built the foundation of the western civilization


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