Lyravlos Group Constructs Ancient Greek Musical Instruments

    Ancient Greek music is one of the lesser known sectors in the wide field of Hellenic civilisation studies.
    Although much has been said and written about its major role in everyday life, there is still very much to be investigated in this area of the ancient Greek arts.
    The absence of written remains of ancient Greek music has for centuries, created the impression that music was not a very advanced chapter of the arts in Ancient Greece, musician Panagiotis Stefos told ANA-MPA.
    Our knowledge on the role and position of music in ancient Greece has been enriched by systematic research and from literary sources.  They contain a plethora of direct and indirect references, Stefos added.
    Stefos has set up a group called Lyravlos.  It has undertaken the task of reconstructing ancient Greek musical instruments. The purpose of this endeavor is to construct precise, working replicas of the instruments that will give true renditions of sheet music from historic times that have been discovered.
    (source: ana-mpa)