Famous Poet Kostis Palamas’ House Up for Auction

    Unforunately the home of the great Greek poet Kostis Palamas, in the Plaka area of Athens has been put up for auction. Palamas lived in this home the last years of his life. It is scheduled to be auctioned on January 12, 2011 at the Athens County Court and the bidding will begin at 1,066,000 Euros.

    The house is located on Periandrou road and was built in the 1920s. The poet moved back to this home after being evicted from the mansion on Aesculapius Street, where he lived for more than thirty years and is currently the Kostis Palamas Institution. Palamas left his last breath left in the Periandrou home during the German occupation on February 27, 1943.  A few years later, a marble slab, which is there to this day, states: “In this house died, the national poet Kostis Palamas”.  It is located above the main entrance of the house.