60 Worldwide Towns are Named Athens

    Not one…not even two! Sixty towns all over the world have adopted the name Athens.  Most of them are all over the U.S.A. Georgia’s Athens is the best known.  It has a population of 112,000 people and is the second biggest Athens, after Greece.   The third largest Athens is in Wisconsin, a small agricultural village of almost 1,000 habitats.
    The Athens name has been used for cities all over the world.  It’s the only town that has given its name to such a large number of towns.  There has been no other link or institutional relation between those towns until now.
    The cities that have the name of Athens are very special. They all have the honor and responsibility to be the symbol of their name and action.  They should portray democratic spirit, freedom, responsibility, evolution and  respect.   The word Athens means a world of democracy, freedom, equality and a civilized world.

    Caption: from the first meeting in Athens of the mayors of all the cities named “Athens” all around the world.

    Towns named Athens:

    * Athens, Αttiki, Greece
    * Athens Alabama, USA
    * Athens Arkansas, USA
    * Athens California, USA
    * Athens Ohio, USA
    * Athens Georgia, USA
    * Athens Illinois, USA
    * Athens Indiana, USA
    * Athens Kansas, USA
    * Athens Lexington Kentucky, USA
    * Athens Louisiana, USA
    * Athens Somerset Maine, USA
    * Athens Calhoun Michigan, USA
    * Athens Mississippi, USA
    * Athens Missouri, USA
    * Athens New York, USA
    * Athens Ohio, USA
    * Athens Pennsylvania, USA
    * Athens Tennessee, USA
    * Athens Texas, USA
    * Athens Vermont, USA
    * Athens West Virginia, USA
    * Athens Wisconsin, USA
    * Athens Ontario, Canada
    * Athenstedt, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany
    * Athens of Ayrshire – Troon, Scotland
    * Athens of Cuba – Matanzas, Cuba
    * Athens of Egypt- Alexandria, Egypt
    * Athens of Finland – Jyväskylä, Finland
    * Athens of Florida – DeLand, Florida, USA
    * Athens of Indiana – Crawfordsville, Indiana, USA
    * Athens of Latin America – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    * Athens of Minas Gerais – Juiz de Fora, Brazil
    * Athens of North America – Boston, USA
    * Athens of Sicily – Catania, Italy
    * Athens of South America – Bogotá, Columbia
    * Athens of the Bodrog – Sárospatak, Hungary
    * Athens of the East – Madurai, India
    * Athens of the Middle Ages – Florence, Italy
    * Athens of the North – Edinburgh, Scotland
    * Athens of the South – Nashville, USA
    * Athens of the Southern Hemisphere – Dunedin, New Ziland
    * Athens of the West (early 19th c.) – Lexington, USA
    * Athens of the West – Berkeley, California, USA
    * Athens on the Isar – Munich, Germany
    * Athens on the Spree – Berlin, Germany
    * Athens on the Torysa – Prešov, Slovakia
    * Brazilian Athens – São Luís, Maranhão, Brazil
    * Czech Athens – Krnov, Scotland
    * Lusa Athens – Coimbra, Portugal
    * Sardinian Athens – Nuoro, Italy
    * Serbian Athens – Novi Sad, Serbia
    * Siberian Athens – Tomsk, Russia
    * Athens of the South – Tampa, Florida, USA


    1. We are happy when 60 places around the world steal the name ‘Athens’. But the name ‘Macedonia’ is enough to send us into a frenzy.

      Go figure


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