Greek Actress Tasso Kavadia Passes

    Famous Greek actress Tasso Kavadia, who used to play the mean woman, died at the age of 91.
    She played many roles in the theater and participated in many movies.  She never played in tragedies. “I never played ancient Greek tragedy, because I respect it. I have never been proposed, though”, said the actress. “I was strict, not mean. I was right to hate Tzeni Karezi, who had a relationship with Nikos Kourkoulos, while he was engaged to my daughter”, she said.

    Kavadia was born on January 10, 1921 in Patras. She studied piano in Athens, writing and decoration in Paris, scenario and clothing with Giannis Tsarouchis, and acting at the Drama School at the Art School with Karolos Coon. From 1954 until 1967, Kavadia worked as a radio journalist and radio executive. From 1955 until 1969, she was a newspaper reporter. She had also worked as a translator.  Many of her translations focused on literature texts.


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