A Greek Bishop Blames Jews for Greece’s Problems

    A high-level priest (Metropolite of Piraeus Seraphimon) on the morning show of the largest television station in Greece blamed world Jewry for Greece’s financial problems on Tuesday.
    The Metropolite of Piraeus Seraphim (photo) also blamed world Jewry for other ills in the country during his appearance on Mega TV. Says Hitler was instrument of Zionism, funded by Rothschild family.
    The Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece complained to church authorities about the anti-Semitic remarks made by the Metropolitan Seraphim of Piraeus during an interview on Greek television on Monday, according to a statement (in Greek) on the group’s Web site.
    The Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported that the bishop “said that there is a conspiracy to enslave Greece and Christian Orthodoxy. He also accused international Zionism of trying to destroy the family unit by promoting one-parent families and same-sex marriages.”
    According to the news agency, when the bishop was then asked, “Why do you disagree with Hitler’s policies? If they are doing all this, wasn’t he right in burning them?” he replied: “Adolf Hitler was an instrument of world Zionism and was financed from the renowned Rothschild family with the sole purpose of convincing the Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new Empire.” He added that Jewish bankers like “Rockefeller, Rothschild and Soros control the international banking system that controls globalization.”

    Greece’s Jewish community is ancient, but only about 10,000 Greek Jews survived the Holocaust.
    The president of the European Jewish Congress, Moshe Kantor, called for the bishop to be fired in a statement sent to reporters on Wednesday. He added: “It is completely unacceptable that someone senior in a mainstream European religious denomination can make such repulsive and hate-filled claims.”

    Source:ROBERT MACKEY / www.thelede.blogs.nytimes.com


    1. Your culture has drifted a long way from the time of Aristotle. It hasn’t goten smarter either.
      The time to be talking about Judeaism and Greek Orthidoxy has past. The golden age has past as well. A new enlightenment perhaps.

      Also, you should start to think seriously about clothing style. Use blue jeans and jackets until you get this sorted out.

      Thanks for Socraties. Tim

    2. The Bishop has the right to speak his mind. Agree or not. Jewish Rabbis call Palestinians cockroaches. Why? Because they just happen to be the natives of the land Jews now believe they are entitled to by a decree from God. Hum! So where exactly where they during all the wars, the Crusades from Britain? Wasn’t it Salahaldin who evicted the Crusaders, not Moshe Stien?