Renovated “Pedio tou Areos” Park Reopens in Athens

Upon conclusion of the institution of the Athens-Piraeus Supraprefecture, the biggest and most historic park in Athens, the Pedio tou Areos park, has been renovated and restructured.  The iniative was under the direction of architect Alexandros Tombazis.  It will be open to Athenians on Tuesday. It is now comparable to the biggest parks abroad and is open and safe for all citizens.
The park is in no way reminiscent of its past. A total of 1,200 trees have been planted, 50,000 plants, 7,500 bushes and 2,500 rose bushes.  9,000 square metres of turf and eight stremmas of ground coverage plants have been added.
22,650 square metres of asphalt have been removed from the old paths and earth was placed in its place.  8,800 square metres of marble stones and 3,800 square metres of granite stones have been placed.
Apart from the environmental and visual aspect of the project, the temperature in the park in the summer months will be 3-5 degrees less than that of the city.  This statistic will literally make it an oasis in the centre of Athens.
(source: ana-mpa)



  1. The park is in no way reminiscent of its past. Absolutely – Definitely

    During the reckless execution of these works trees have been cut down previously and never have been replaced in order to give the advantage and free space in concreting where marble curbs have been replaced by low cost concrete curbs and old-time Outdoor Post Lanterns supported by massive marble base have been replaced by low cost concrete base Lanterns. A quite extensive area according to the DFD drawings has already been covered with concreting { 6,000 cubic meters of reinforced concrete elements estimations } and marble tiles ( ¼ of the Total area ) with high thickness contrary to the obligations of non involvement in actions of filling and damaging with building materials the porous layers of the soil, for. ex (European Guidelines for Soil Strategy and Management COM 2006/232 – COM2006/231), contrary also to the announcements in public and promises of the High-Prefect of the city of Athens & Piraeus (Υπερνομάρχης), that not even a cubic meter of concrete will be poured and that the access road network of the park will be covered with earth following also the grounds of the “Supreme State Court” of the Suspension’s Commission.
    In reality the forest scarcity value of the environmental resource of the park has been ignored and completely violated ever since.

    Polykarpos Markaras
    Architect Eng.
    Local Resident Env.Activist

  2. 22,650 square metres of asphalt have been removed from the old paths and earth was placed in its place.

    Are they able to show to us because we the local residents are still walking on CONCRETE.

  3.      Illegal   and in “BREACH
      of   PLANNING 
     Public Project          IN

             “Pedio Areos”    Forest   Historical   Park   in                  

                         CENTRAL    ATHENS


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