Poet Kostis Palamas’ House Rescued from Athenian Auction

    The historical house of Greek national poet Kostis Palamas was rescued at the last moment from an auction. The owner of the house, which has an internal yard and a fantastic view of Acropolis, managed to settle debts with the bank. The auction was programmed to take place at the Court of Athens.  The starting price was 1,066,000 euros. Many people were interested in purchasing the building.  Since 1999 it was considered as tenable by the Ministry of Culture.

    Kostis Palamas spent the last eight years of his life in this house with his wife Maria and their daughter Nafsika.

    The Kostis Palamas Foundation has contacted many big foundations and banks to finance the purchase of the historical building on Periandros street to create a “Kostis Palamas Studies Foundation”.